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Enhance the efficiency and success of your campaigns by leveraging our comprehensive card-based configuration center. This robust tool allows for meticulous customization and fine-tuning of every aspect of your campaign, empowering you to achieve superior results and maximize your marketing efforts to their fullest potential.

Key Features & Modules


Upon clicking the dashboard section, you'll access a comprehensive overview page showcasing various data points, including:

  • Account Expiry Date
    Account Expiry Date

    The Account Expiry Date refers to the specific date when an account or subscription will no longer be valid or active. It marks the end of the designated period for which the account or subscription was initially activated or purchased.

  • Total Won Entrties
    Total Won Entrties

    Total won entries" denotes the cumulative count of entries successfully obtained by the user throughout the duration of this campaign.

  • Total Lost Entries
    Total Lost Entries

    "Total lost entries" indicates the quantity of entries that the user did not win throughout the duration of this campaign.

  • Total Assigned Vouchers
    Total Assigned Vouchers

    "Total Assigned Vouchers" refers to the aggregate quantity of vouchers distributed during the course of the campaign.

  • Total Unassigned Vouchers
    Total Unassigned Vouchers

    "Total Unassigned Vouchers" signifies the overall remaining balance of vouchers from this campaign that have not yet been distributed or allocated.

  • Hourly Entries
    Hourly Entries

    The "Hourly Entries Chart" serves as a hourly tracking record, depicting the number of entries submitted by the user into the campaign on an hourly basis, providing valuable reference data.

  • Monthly Entries
    Monthly Entries

    The "Monthly Entries Chart" serves as a monthly tracking record, depicting the number of entries submitted by the user into the campaign on a monthly basis, providing valuable reference data.

  • Yearly Entries
    Yearly Entries

    The "Yearly Entries Chart" serves as a yearly tracking record, depicting the number of entries submitted by the user into the campaign on a yearly basis, providing valuable reference data.

  • Total Locations
    Total Locations

    "Total Location" displays the top five locations where users participate the most in the campaign.

  • Age Group
    Age Group

    "The Age Group" section represents the range of age groups from participants entering your campaign.

Key Features & Modules


The campaign module offers a user-friendly interface designed to streamline campaign management processes. By simplifying tasks such as campaign creation, editing, activation, and previewing, it ensures smooth control and operation, allowing users to efficiently oversee their campaigns with ease and effectiveness.

  • Create

    The Create feature enables you to create your game campaign using our provided game library templates, tailored to the package plan you select for your account.

  • Edit

    The edit features empowers you to modify your current and past creations with ease.

  • Activate

    The platform only permits activation or launching of a campaign once per account. The 'Activate Campaign' feature indicates the currently running campaign.

  • Preview

    The Preview feature allows you to test and preview your currently active campaign creation.

Key Features & Modules


An analysis report will showing in this section. You able to view the traffic of the campaign. Export all the relevant data for your remarketing further action.

  • Overview

    The "Report Overview" provides an analysis of your current active campaign, offering insight into the traffic of entries within the campaign.

  • Entries Data
    Entries Data

    The "Entries Data" section comprises detailed records of individual participating users, showcasing comprehensive information based on the customized data form.

  • Export

    The Export feature allows you to export the entries data report in a format of your choice (CSV, XLS, PDF, etc.).

  • Search / Filter
    Search / Filter

    The Tablet Filter feature enables you to search or filter specific data according to your preferences.

Key Features & Modules


The Configures module empowers you to customize all game graphic elements, select background music, configure location settings, manage reward ratios, generate or import voucher codes for redemption, allocate token play chances for specific customers, utilize the EDM builder, and define terms and conditions content. Our simplified flow and process make it effortless for you to tailor your own gamification campaign.

  • Design

    The Design feature empowers you to upload or alter the game graphics to align with your branding theme. Sample graphic sources are provided for all types of games we offer.

  • Background Music
    Background Music

    The Background Music feature allows you to select from our music library to change the game's background music. Please note that uploading audio files is not permitted due to licensing restrictions.

  • Location

    The Location feature is tailored for merchants with multiple branches or outlets. It permits the generation of multiple unique game URLs, enabling you to track the activity levels of each branch effectively.

  • Rewards

    The Reward feature empowers you to customize various aspects such as game ratios, point ranges, reward images, and information to share with users according to your preferences.

  • Vouchers

    The Vouchers feature allows you to generate, import, or create fixed-code vouchers for user redemption actions.

  • Token

    The Token feature enables you to generate unique tokens exclusively for your VIP members. Only users with these tokens can access and participate in your campaign.

  • EDM

    The EDM feature empowers you to customize your campaign's header images and content for your email marketing communications.

  • Terms & Conditions
    Terms & Conditions

    The Terms & Conditions feature empowers you to customize the terms and conditions for your campaign, which will be displayed on the entry form before users enter your campaign.

Key Features & Modules

Discover New
Plug-ins for

The Plugins module provides supplementary enhancement mechanisms to optimize your gamification campaigns. Explore the available plugins and activate them using our budget-friendly, adaptable tools. These plugins incur a one-time charge for single accounts only.

  • Easy Activation

  • One-time charges only

  • Easy to use

  • Lifetime Updates


  • Cost

    USD 58

  • Usage


  • Templates


Leaderboards play a crucial role in gamification by providing a visual representation of user performance and progress. They foster competition and motivation among participants, encouraging them to strive for improvement and engage more actively with the gamified experience.

SMS Blasting

  • Cost

    USD 300

  • Usage

    10000 Credits

SMS blasting enables you to personalize your SMS messages for users participating in your campaigns, allowing you to tailor your communication to their preferences and engagement levels effectively. Each sms requires 1 credit for access.

Dynamic Form

  • Cost

    USD 38

  • Usage


The dynamic form component empowers users to tailor their entry forms, enabling the collection of valuable feedback in a personalized manner, thereby fostering a more interactive experience. Additionally, users can enhance engagement by incorporating file upload functionality, allowing individuals to seamlessly upload invoices or receipts as part of their form responses, thereby enriching the feedback process and facilitating deeper interaction.


  • Cost

    USD 58

  • Usage


The Token component plugin is tailored for VIP users, allowing only those with a unique token to join your campaign. We provide token generator tools to easily create these exclusive tokens, ensuring a secure and streamlined process for participation.

Hire a Expert

  • Cost

    USD 1300

  • Usage

    1 Campaign

Entrust us with the task of designing, setting up, and closely monitoring your campaigns to ensure they meet your objectives and yield exceptional results. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing comprehensive support throughout the entire campaign lifecycle, from initial planning and implementation to ongoing monitoring and optimization.


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