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Gamification Marketing – Entertain, Reward and Engage through games.

Combines the power of gameplay with rewards to motivate target behaviors.

Games help you in generating leads and with a quality database.

RewardinMeTM Introduction

We merge the potential of gameplay with our best marketing strategy encourage and reward your audience with our White-label Gamification drive across mobile, social networks and web.


Capture Quality Leads

Generate quality leads with Gamification and reveal its marketing value.

Find new marketable contacts and get engaged leads for you sales team at a lower cost.


Run more effective campaigns & engage with real people during their happiest moments.


Monetize with the latest gamification technology to your products or recommendation.

First CNY Campaign with Jaya Group, Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall Indonesia


Bintaro Jaya Xchange launched challenges, interactive motion game - "Shake Shake Angpao" with SeedDream Technology & the Indonesia partner during Chinese New Year 2020 in Jakarta.


Audience are looking for a more rewarding and enjoyable experience!


Grow Brand Engagement

Experience the power of social channels by tunning your passive followers into active micro-influencers to enhance brand impressions.


Increase Lifetime Value

Games with tangible rewards bring you loyal and potential customers that boost your lifetime value as you give them reasons to visit you consistently.



RewardinMe has helped in gamifying our CNY campaign and making sure continuous excitement from our customers. Truly, the campaign is brilliant and easy to use!


Mr Gary Sho

Herbaline - Senior Sales and Marketing Manager

What an amazing experience to work with RewardinMe! We appreciate their creative approach and ideas to bringing our Customer Appreciation Campaign to the next level.

Mama Kim

Mr Chee Wah

Mama Kim - Assistant Marketing Manager

Dengan Hormat, Sehubungan dengan telah selesainya event "Year of The Rat 2020", yang merupakan event seasonal mall dalam rangkat perayaan Chinese New Year di Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall. Dengan ini Management Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall mengucapkan terima Kasih kepada SAS Serve - Seeddream Technology atas dukungannya sebagai penyedia teknologi aplikasi pada activity Shake-shake Angpao. The 1st interactive multi player game in Southeast Asia, yang merupakan bagian dari event Year of The Rat 2020.

Semoga kerjasama yang dilakukan antara Bintaro Jaya Xchange Mall dan pihak PT. Serasi Aneka Servindo (SAS Serve - Seeddream Technology) dapat terjalin dengan baik di lain kesempatan.

Bintaro Jaya Xchange

Bu Noni Dewantini

Bintaro Jaya Xchange - Manager Event & Promosi

We are really happy to have gotten the chance to participate in this Covid-19 CSR campaign - in-game advertising. Gain brand awareness, which are also part of our Social Responsibility Initiative and a high degree of interaction between users, the numbers speak for themselves.

Sunting Goods

Ms Chong

Sunting Goods 三町食社 - Founder


Understand how gamification can help you find, keep, and grow more customers.

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What's possible with gamification?

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