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Increase Your Sales

How Gamification Marketing Can Increase Your Sales

Think about the last time you won something. How did it make you feel? People look for gaming pleasure for years – it taps into our competitive human nature. Unexpected entertainment & winning something makes people feel good, increases their engagement, and makes the occasion more memorable. That’s why gamification in marketing is so effective & businesses are constantly searching for ways to include this element in their strategies.

Four Main Benefits of Gamification Marketing

1. Gamification increases customer engagement and sales

60% of consumers more likely to buy from a brand if they enjoyed playing a game with it.

2. Collecting customer emails, phone numbers, and marketing consent becomes easier

Fun, gamified sign-up forms can help businesses build their lists more effectively. An interactive Wheel of Fortune outperforms pop-ups and other usual sign-up forms by 3 times. That’s definitely something worth considering when planning list-building campaigns.

3. Gamification elements help to maintain customer relationships

Gamification in marketing provides an opportunity to reward customers for their loyalty and engagement, and share the brand’s message in a fun and compelling manner.

4. Increase brand awareness

The initial purpose of gamification is to provide a memorable experience that makes an appealing connection with customers, rather than increasing sales directly. However, positive feelings help the brand stay on top of customers’ minds, leading to increased customer retention, and additional sales.

What's possible with gamification?

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