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Gamification Strategies

5 Best Gamification Strategies And Trends To Grow A Business

Using Gamification Strategies To Grow Businesses

Gamification, a relatively unknown term until a couple of years ago, was first introduced in 2008. Gamification is "taking game elements and applying them to a non-gaming context." Companies now use gamification as an effective method to grow their business and engage new users into using their product or service. By using points, ranks, badges, and leaderboard mechanisms that present an element of competition and achievement, companies entice customers into participating.

1. Gamification-Based Social Proofing

Gamification is capable of playing a pivotal role in skyrocketing social proof activities. Using the gamified model, you can reward your already registered and active users with points, ranks, and badges for posting comments, submitting reviews, and forwarding their recommendations. It indeed influences new visitors to buy from you.

  • User engagement
  • Positive reviews
  • Customer’s testimonial

2. Gamification-Based Social Sharing

"Social sharing" is a new trendy "word of mouth" capable of creating a significant impact on your online business. When a netizen shares social media posts of any brand or a company, then additional people see these posts and get inspired by them.

  • Points-based rewards
  • Discount Coupons
  • Badges and leaderboards

3. Gamification-Based User Experience (UX)

User Experience can be defined as what an individual experiences when interacting with a virtual product like an app, website, or any computer-based hybrid system.

4. Gamification-Based Brand Marketing

Gamification helps better interaction between customers and brands! Many brands seek to share more content to capture users' attention and generate more engagement and conversions. This can be achieved thanks to gamification.

  • Loyalty programs
  • Referral contests
  • Scavenger hunts

5. Gamification-Based Sales Team Motivation

A gamification strategy for a sales team revolves around healthy competition and taking them out of their comfort zone. You can create a leaderboard challenge to earn a better spot against sales performance. It's better to reward gamification points, ranks, and digital badges to your sales team for achieving desired targets, successful pitch delivered, and overall revenue generated.

What's possible with gamification?

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