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Gamification of the Hospitality Industry

Searching for hotels and booking online is already common. According to Google Spain’s Study, the internet is already a very popular shopping ecosystem for travel.

82% of travelers have bought at least one component of their trip online: transport, car rental, or accommodation. But, with almost the entire sector operating online, how can you make your product or service stand out from the crowd?

Promotions offer a great solution to this challenge, and the digital world opens up a wide range of possibilities. Prize draws, contests, games & interactive dynamics allow hotels and other accommodation to get closer to their potential customers and create a bond with them that goes beyond the occasional purchase. And according to the same report, booking accommodation in hotels or apartments is usually the 1st thing people do when organizing their holidays.

64% of the turnover in overnight stays in 2019 was from people coming from abroad, & hotels have adapted their own websites to accept online reservations, making it possible for them to obtain customers directly. But how can you attract customers to your website in the first place? There are several actions that hotels are already using on social media and digital channels to get good results.

Gamify your business offer!

Instagram give away to promote a hotel or accommodation

This is the easiest and fastest way to promote your hotel on social media: organize an Instagram giveaway with comments to generate more brand visibility.

Give away with regitration to capture data from public

If you want to go beyond increasing your brand's reach on social media to capture data from interested users, entry form promotions are a great bet. The most common action is an Entry Form Giveaway, where everyone who fills in their data can register for the giveaway. When it comes to hotels, the prize couldn’t be easier to choose: a free stay at your hotel is the perfect prize to attract the attention of potential customers.

A prize wheel for fun distribution discounts and gifts

Another way to capture your audience's attention and convince them to share their personal data with your brand is to offer instant direct prizes. If you want to gamify this action, a prize wheel is a great option. You can distribute discounts, as well as other free products and merchandise.

Gamify your Hotel Offering today!

What's possible with gamification?

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