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Media & Entertainment

Create brand engagement by turning idle followers into engaged micro-influencers with the help of marketing gamification. Improve experiences. Engage audiences & boost motivation.

Build Memorable Relationships with Your Audience

Get noticed and attract the right attention with a unique & innovative experience. Create a dialog with your fans, tailor experiences for them and trigger emotional responses. Cater to occasional and frequent buyers with tailored programs, and amplify the reach of those who are true advocates.

Benefits of Gamification in Media & Entertainment

  • Ensure peoples interest and participation
  • Drive new and returning customers
  • Get more email subscribers
  • Ensure regular interactions with emails
  • Increase user engagement with a new product or event
  • Increase brand promotion and awareness
  • Improve customer retention and loyalty
  • Track user activities
  • Reinforce important behaviors

Build an engaged community

Build a strong relationship between your audience and your brand. Motivate fans to level up by completing interesting activities. Create different tiers and grant different benefits for each one. Grant privileged access to your advocates.

Scale your audience

Give incentives to those who attend your events, conferences, exhibitions or shows. Give them reasons to invite their friends and family. Create dynamics that makes users want to engage. That makes them want to share your brand or experience with their social networks.

Increase user’s interaction

Entertain users using an interactive gamification solution. Promote a fun environment to engage your target audience. Create an engaged community, not a regular loyalty program.

What's possible with gamification?

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